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Women's Flawless Facial Hair Remover

Women's Flawless Facial Hair Remover

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The easiest facial hair removal in history! This facial hair removal is the favourite face removal method of many ladies around the world

The Women's Flawless Facial Hair Remover will remove hair on your chin, cheeks, upper lip and other parts of your body flawlessly, easily and quickly.

Enjoy a painless hair removal experience

The cutting head fits the contours of your body to gently glide over skin to trim hair without pulling for a smooth complexion without stubble, nicks or redness. Rounded low-friction protection heads prevent skin damage.

Sharp blade for a quick shaving

Twin revolving blades on a horizontal cutting head increase the area of contact for quick and thorough trimming of undesirable hair on fingers, cheeks, chins, upper lips, and arms. Prepare to look amazing, girl! Immediately shape up your bikini line for fun in the sun and say goodbye to painful waxing!

Use it anywhere anytime

The fashionable lipstick shape fits perfectly in your hand; tuck it inside your cosmetics case, backpack, or purse to maintain smooth skin while travelling or throughout the day.  (Requires 1 AA Battery - Not Included) 


  • Removes facial hair instantly and painlessly from your upper lip, chin, cheeks
  • Its design ensures convenient handling
  • Made from qualified material ensure long-lasting use
  • Fast moving cutter to shave long hair
  • Easy to clean, simple to operate, portable for home or travel use
  • Designed to remove unwanted facial and body hair
  • Gentle enough to use, gives you superior performance in epilation, providing you with perfect and long-lasting smoothness

How to use:
1. Slide switch to ON position, the light will turn on
2. Use on clean, dry skin, pull the skin tight and move in small, circular motions
* It is normal for hair removal head to become warm with use

(Please Note: When you want to clean the shaver, the head is detachable. Note that the parts may fall when you remove them but don't worry, you can install them back.)

For optimal results:
* Use on clean and completely dry skin with no cream or cosmetic residue
* Pull skin tight and move in small, circular motions
* If the unit begins to slow down, clean the head of the hair residue
* If the unit is still running slow, change the battery
* It is normal for skin to appear red immediately after use due to pressure and friction applied

* Material: ABS
* Power supply: AA Battery

Package included:
* 1 x Hair Remover

Note: AA Battery is not included

Women's Painless Hair Remover Facial Hair Removal

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