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Waterproof Fake Freckles Maker Freckle Pen

Waterproof Fake Freckles Maker Freckle Pen

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Don't have any natural freckles on your face? No need for concern! This freckles makeup pen will enable you to flaunt a sun-kissed look all year long and is available in 4 different hues to match your skin tone and hair colour.

 Spice Up Your Daily Look: Our pen tool will help you create soft, dainty dots to match all your makeup looks, whether you want to add a patch of flirtatious freckles to your cheekbones and nose bridge or add more colour to your natural marks.

Learn How to Apply Glowy, Natural Makeup In No Time: Our smudge-free, easy-to-hold pen has a fine felt tip for precise, even dotting. To achieve a natural makeup look, use a pen or your hand to smoothly blend your freckles into your skin.

Keep Your Freckles in Place All Day: The solution in our fake freckle pen is waterproof, resists stains, and dries quickly. This means that your freckles will stay put all day, even if you swim or sweat on a hot summer day. 

Dot Your Face With Confidence: Our alcohol-free, cruelty-free freckle cosmetics pen is made of natural minerals, glycerin extraction, and other alcohol-free ingredients to give you a makeup tool that is safe for your skin. 

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