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80W Professional UV Led Nail Dryer Lamp with Intelligent Sensor

80W Professional UV Led Nail Dryer Lamp with Intelligent Sensor

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Do you get bored while waiting for your nails to dry? Have you ever forgotten that your nails are not dry yet and you ruined the nail polish?

This problem will be a story from the past. This UV nail dryer lamp gives sufficient room and speedy drying to create the ideal nails by curing your nail gel paint in a matter of seconds.

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Using 80W, which is more than the majority of UV lamps' power on the market, this lamp can quickly cure your nails

A time savour

When your nails are finished, simply sit back and relax; the sturdy, mild nail light will let you know when they are finished treating even the most fragile nails in a matter of seconds and using less energy.

Small but effective

It is a smart auto-sensing, dual-source nail lamp that is fashionable, portable, and effective. Due to its tiny size and ability to keep UV light beads closer to every fingernail at any angle or position, it efficiently dries Gel nail polish.

Modern design

Easy to carry, portable, and small design.
The spacious curing area guarantees that you may cure five fingernails or toenails.

4 Timer Setting and Display

The UV nail lamp has four timers (10s, 30s, 60s, and 99s), allowing you to choose the curing duration for the various gel nail paints. The vivid display of the gel nail light allows you to see the curing process, prevents restless waiting, and makes it simpler to understand how quickly each gel dries. With the help of this gel nail UV light, you can replicate the salon experience at home!

Infrared Intelligent Sensor

Hand extended, light turns on. Hand out, turn off the light, and the nail dryer's intelligent sensor may begin the automated curing process without requiring human action. Everyone can use the nail lamp thanks to its simple control mode. Own nail art that easily reflects your personality!

45 PCS light beads

The 45 dual LED lights speed up the drying process for gel nails.
With automated sensor, equipped.
light on with hands in; off with hands out.

You too can benefit from this UV lamp that will save you time and make your life much easier

Join the party now

Enjoy nail salon results at home and make every day a party for you

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Common Questions

How many LED lights does it have?

It has 45 led lights.

Is this nail light rechargeable or does it need an adapter?

The nail lamp kit includes an adapter, which cannot be charged.

Can I use this for resin?

Yes, you can use it on resin gel and normal polish

Can I use this nail lamp with any brand of gel nail polish?

Yes, this is applicable to any brand of gel polish that needs UV nail lights to cure.

Does this burn nails?

No, it doesn't burn your nails, but you may feel warm because of the light, which is normal. You can always take your hand out and put it back in.