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USB Rechargeable Electric Massage Ball

USB Rechargeable Electric Massage Ball

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The Ultimate Fitness and Yoga Companion

Our Electric Massage Ball is a versatile and portable device designed to enhance your fitness routine and yoga practice.

With four adjustable speeds and a physical vibration feature, it offers deep tissue massage and relaxation, while the USB rechargeable feature ensures convenient use anytime, anywhere.

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Experience unparalleled muscle relief and relaxation

The Electric Massage Ball utilizes physical vibration technology to deliver deep tissue massage. Simply turn it on, select the desired speed setting, and gently roll it over the targeted muscle areas for a rejuvenating massage experience.

Unlock your body's full potential and achieve your fitness goals faster

Relieves muscle tension

The Electric Massage Ball provides deep tissue massage, effectively relieving muscle knots and tension, promoting relaxation and faster recovery.

Versatile and portable

Its compact size and wireless design allow you to use it anywhere, making it perfect for home, office, or travel.

Adjustable speeds

With four-speed settings, you can customize the intensity of the vibrations to suit your preference and target specific muscle groups.

Rechargeable and convenient

The USB rechargeable feature ensures that you can easily charge the massage ball, eliminating the need for batteries and providing hassle-free use.

Main Features

● Powerful vibrations
● USB rechargeable
● Portable design
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Say goodbye to muscle tension and hello to blissful recovery sessions

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Charging time:about 4 hours
Motor operating temperature:65 ° C
Colour:Black, Purple
Weight: 0.350kg
Size: D3.9inch

What's in the box

1* Electric Massage Ball
1* USB line
1* Instruction manual


Q: How long does the battery last on a full charge?
The battery provides approximately 2 hours of continuous use on a full charge.

Q: Is the massage ball suitable for all body types?
Yes, the massage ball is designed to accommodate various body types and can be used by most individuals.

Q: Can I use the massage ball on sensitive areas?
It is recommended to avoid using the massage ball on highly sensitive areas or areas with injuries. Consult a healthcare professional if needed.

Q: Can I use the massage ball during workouts?
Yes, the massage ball can be used before or after workouts to warm up muscles or aid in recovery.

Q: Is the massage ball waterproof?
No, the massage ball is not waterproof. Avoid exposing it to water or using it in wet conditions.

Q: How do I clean the massage ball?
Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the surface of the massage ball. Avoid submerging it in water or using harsh chemicals.

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