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USB Rechargeable Automatic Hair Curler

USB Rechargeable Automatic Hair Curler

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Would you prefer to spend less time perfecting your waves and curls when you wake up each morning? Are you frequently late or on the go but desire to style "Party curls" in a charming manner? With only a few quick minutes and the push of a button, you can quickly achieve glamorous curls with our hair curler. No Special Skills Required 


Quick heating 

Our hair curlers heat up rapidly, and the cordless design increases modelling productivity. Inside the curling room, it has a safe, non-toxic insulating material that protects your hair against burns when you use it.

6 adjustable temperatures

Combining temperature settings of 150-200°C, 8-18s auto curling timers, and curling direction (left or right) makes it simple to create ideal loose or tight curls while also saving a tonne of time.

Suitable for all types of curl

It is made to accommodate all varieties of curls, from frisky tight curls to loose beach waves and all in between. Our equipment is made to make curling simple, quick, durable, and portable.

Smart Heat-Resistant Design

Many hair curlers have bare barrels, which might make you feel even more unsafe. 

Our USB Rechargeable Automatic Hair Curler has a special heat-isolating curl chamber to shield your hands from any sudden surface heat. Plus, it safeguards your families from any incident thanks to its automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Possibly Serves as a Power Bank

Built-in 5000mAh lithium-ion battery enables super convenient cordless use. Meanwhile, it can also be used as a power bank.

Portable Style

Anyone who enjoys travelling will like the portable design of the USB Rechargeable Automatic Hair Curler, which has a 5000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a 60-minute operating period that lets you create 3 hairstyles even with thick hair.

LCD Display

The large LED display presents a clear temperature, direction, and timer, making it more convenient to use.

How to use:

Put hair with a width of 0.4 to 1 inch into curlers for automatic rolling to create the various curl hairstyles you desire.

L stands for left, R for right, and A for automatic in terms of curling direction.


Battery capacity: 5000mAh

Battery voltage: 3.7V

Battery watt-hour: 9.25Wh

Battery type: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Charging time: 3.5hours

Using time: continuous using time of about 40 minutes

Temperature gear: 150℃ 160℃ 170℃ 180℃ 190℃ 200℃

USB length: 58±5cm

Item size: 19x5.6x4.9cm

Package includes:

1 x Main device

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Manual

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