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USB Portable Electric Hair Straightening Brush

USB Portable Electric Hair Straightening Brush

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USB Portable Electric Hair Straightening Brush

Small, portable, cordless, fast-heating and for dual-usage, our USB Portable Electric Hair Straightening Brush can be used by women of different types of hair but also by men to straighten their beards or hair.


Fast-heating but safe

With gentle hair treatment and quick heating of 30 seconds at a steady temperature of 190°C, your hair will not be damaged by high temperatures.

Cordless and can be used as a power bank

Our comb may be used as a regular comb at any time thanks to its small body and storage box, which makes it easy to carry.

The USB charging design allows this product to be used with power banks or power outlets.

Anti-Scalding design

To prevent high-temperature burns in your hands as much as possible, this product features three-sided anti-scalding protection on the front, side, and rear; 360° anti-scalding design; double thermal insulation comb protection; and a thermal insulation shell.

Convenient design for a better portability

The compact body with a storage shell makes it convenient to carry our comb and allows it to be used as an ordinary comb to take care of your hair at any time.



Material: Nylon+ABS

Colour: pink, green

Size: 17.5*4*2 cm

Voltage: 3.7-5.5V

Power supply: 5V USB Charging

Wattage: 45W

Preheat time: 30s

Maximum temperature: 190°C(±8°C)

Packing List:

1* Hair Straightening Brush

1* USB Charging Cable

1* User Manual


1. During use, the maximum temperature is 190°C(±8°C). Be careful not to pause for too long to avoid breaking your hair.

2. Place it out of the reach of children.

3. If you want a long-lasting style, you can use beard oil/hair styling lotion or softening lotion after straightening.

4. You can use a dry/wet towel to clean the comb. However, please turn off the comb and wait for it to cool down before cleaning.

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