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Ultrasonic Electric Dental Calculus Remover

Ultrasonic Electric Dental Calculus Remover

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Do you suffer from tooth pain or bad breath occasionally? This is probably because of the plaque and calculus on your teeth, which can damage tooth enamel and cause cavities.

Put an end to your suffering and buy using our Ultrasonic Electric Dental Calculus Remover


Because a toothbrush alone is insufficient

A toothbrush can't get deep between your teeth. Therefore, although you brush your teeth on a daily basis, calculus and plaque won't be removed, unless you visit a doctor every now and then, which is expensive!

Removes tartar, plaque and all types of stain

Our Electric dental calculus remover may simply and effectively remove hard tartar and stains from the teeth, preventing gum disease. Your breath will smell better because using the remover as part of your regular dental hygiene regimen will reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth.


Reduces odours and bad breath

Using a tarter remover to keep your teeth clean will help lower odours and enhance the freshness of your breath. If you want to leave a good first impression, this is extremely crucial.

100% Safe to use 

The plaque remover is significantly safer than other dental cleaning equipment of the same type since it is made of food-grade silicone and alloy steel that meets medical standards.

Saving Time & Money

Regular brushing combined with this inexpensive plaque remover produces the best results. No need for mouthwash, a water flosser, or floss. whenever you want, take advantage of expert teeth cleaning at home!

How to use

To prevent toothaches and gum disease, use it about once a month. Choose from five gears to clean your teeth to your liking. Each button has a clear purpose to make using it easier. The tarter cleaner may easily be recharged at any time thanks to USB charging.

Why choose our Electric Dental Calculus Remover?

  • Can easily remove stubborn tartar from teeth, effectively remove dental calculus and stains, and prevent gum disease. improves breath freshness by lowering the number of germs in the mouth.
  • 304 stainless steel, food-grade silicone, PC, ABS, and a head that is impermeable to IPX6 standards. Tartar, coffee stains, tea spots, dental calculus, etc.
  • Touch switches that can adapt to various types of dental calculus and stains provide five files of arbitrary power conditioning (10000–25000 times per minute).
  • includes a USB charging connection that makes it simple to charge any phone adapter.
  • It is tiny, portable, and clever, making it perfect to bring along on business and vacation travels or to keep nearby in the bathroom.


    Material: inlet grade silicone + plastic

    Product color: pink, green(optional)

    Product size: 183.6*30*22.3mm

    Waterproof rating: IPX6

    Rated power: 1W

    Rated voltage: 3.7V

    Battery capacity: 200 mAh

    Charging time: less than 2 hours

    Motor noise: less than 60 decibels

    Package Included:

    1* Electric tooth cleaner

    1* Data line

    1* Instruction manual

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