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Waterproof Ultra Slim Eyeliner

Waterproof Ultra Slim Eyeliner

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This waterproof gel eyeliner has a lovely look and fantastic texture. It dries quickly and gives you a long-lasting finish. It provides customers with incredible shade options and is sweat and perspiration free.


This 1.0MM Ultra Slim Eyeliner Gel Pencil- Delicate eyeliner pencil make your eyeliner makeup more charming.

RETRACTABLE EYELINER - With this eyeliner pen, an A-line and a defined eye are just a twist away. When applied, the creamy formula's intense pigment covers like liquid eyeliner and lasts for hours. For a winged-out eyeliner appearance, simply twist up and apply without sharpening.

SMUDGE-PROOF & SMOOTH - This smudge-proof eyeliner applies smoothly and lasts all day in the heat and humidity. With our Eyeliner Pencil, you can get any eyeliner look you want. It comes in a range of colours, from neutral to bright.

1.0MM ULTRA SLIM- Eyeliner is drawn precisely, fluidly, and with rich colour development. It is waterproof and anti-summing, so it lasts for a very long time.

SOFT TEXTURE REFILL- Look with multi-dimensional colour and luminosity.

  1. Delicate refill-Easy to draw and shape.
  2. Four colour options -Classic versatile deep eyes.
  3. Rotate out the refill- Convenient operation.
  4. Natural and delicate- Waterproof and sweatproof.

How to Use:

STEP 01: Outline from the corner of the eye to the corner of the eye.

STEP 02: Property extends the end of the eye creating personalized eye makeup.

STEP 03: Over wild colours, fun eye makeup.


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