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Silk Sleep Eye Mask

Silk Sleep Eye Mask

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Do you get bothered by light when you sleep? Do your eyes have eyebags or dark circles due to friction with traditional eye masks or pillowcases?

This Silk Sleep Eye Mask is a must-have beauty sleep essential for every lady and man.

It will keep your eyes moisturized, soft and comfy and let you enjoy a peaceful night.


Made with Silk and Cotton

Our ultra-smooth Silk Sleep Eye Mask can provide the cool, breathable comfort of the calming masks found in the best spas in the world.

The inside layer is made of cotton, while the surface is soft and breathable silk. It can comfortably manage the pressure of the eye mask on the wearer's face without giving them the impression of being oppressed.

Get a deep sleep anywhere anytime

Get the advantages of complete darkness, whether you're at home, in a hotel, or on a plane (where bright led light and dry air can be especially harsh). The ideal travel accessories to help you stay relaxed and re-energized.


Note: it includes a carrying case for travelling.


Get an interrupted sleep with no pills or supplements

Ideal for those who experience dry eyes, migraines, or insomnia because hypoallergenic silk's breathable natural fibres block out dry air while allowing in healthy oxygen; Nighttime eye creams and facial moisturisers won't be affected by smooth silk because it doesn't absorb skin lotions.

Reduces eye bags and dark circles

Our Silk Sleep Eye Mask can prevent bags under the eyes and dark circles by promoting blood flow to the eyes and slowing eyeball congestion.

Soft silk elastic strap

This sleeping mask has a soft silk elastic strap that is painless to wear on the head. In addition, the mask is incredibly light and properly contours to your face for a lovely night.


Perfect for a gift

With a FREE travel bag, these are the ideal travel accessories to keep you feeling wonderful as well as a great present for loved ones, friends, shift workers, and night shift workers who need restful sleep so they may wake up feeling rejuvenated.



Ingredients: surface soft breathable Silk, inner layer using cotton material.
Custodial care: normal care, this product can be recycled.
Colour: Black, Pink
Material: Silk 
Packing: 1x cloth bag
Suitable Head Circumference: Adjustable(Elastic band)
Feature: Breathable, Comfortable, zero pressure, Silk slippery

Cleaning Method:
Hand wash at a temperature no higher than 40 °C
Avoid rubbing violence. 
Flatlay to dry. 
Do not wash by machine. 

Packing Content:
1 x 3D Silk eye mask
1 x Cloth Bag
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