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Scalp Massage Brush - Head & scalp massager

Scalp Massage Brush - Head & scalp massager

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If you want to keep your scalp healthy and want a way to help grow your hair, this scalp massage brush is a must-have for you.

Its soft, bendable bristles massage the scalp gently, which increases blood flow and helps hair grow.

This brush can be used as a scalp massager for hair growth as it helps to distribute hair growth oils (not included) throughout the hair, leaving it feeling soft, shiny, and moisturized.

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Targets the roots of your scalp, helps you relax, and improves your hair growth.

How does it work?

By applying your preferred essential oil to your scalp, this tool effectively addresses and resolves issues at the source by offering a natural massage, while also nourishing weakened hair follicles.

What benefits can you get from our product?

Provides effective nourishment

The scalp massager directs hair treatments straight to the scalp without any spreading onto the hair, allowing for quicker penetration to the follicles.

The massaging action also enhances the absorption of the treatment products into the scalp.

Improves hair health and growth

Our scalp brush features elastic teeth with rolling balls for a soothing scalp massage.

This improves the blood circulation in the scalp and ensures a constant supply of nutrients to the follicles, leading to stabilized and reversed hair loss with regular use.

Ergonomic design

This scalp comb is easy and comfortable to use, with soft and flexible bristles that won't scratch or hurt the scalp and won't tangle the hair.

Main Features

  • Easy to use

    The rolling ball teeth of the comb dispense the liquid only when it is pressed against the scalp, avoiding any waste or mess.

  • No leakage

    With its ample 30 ml capacity, this massage brush enables you to distribute essential oil on your scalp without any excess spilling onto your hair or hands.

  • Multifunction

    Suitable for all kinds of essential oils, nutrient solutions, hair conditioners

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Easy application, incredible results!

Step 1 :Open the top cover
Step 2: Add essential oil to the container
Step 3: Close the lid
Step 4: Gently massage your scalp

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  • Maximum capacity: 30ml
  • Product size: 58mm*58mm*60mm
  • Material: stainless steel + silicone + ABS

What's in the box

1* Scalp hair comb


What use is it for?
The scalp scrub brush can deeply clean the hair roots and massage the scalp. It needs to be matched with a hair tonic.
The traditional hand-applied conditioner usually stays on the hair; it is difficult to reach the hair roots, the effect is poor, and the syrup is wasted. The professional liquid guide comb is easy to use, penetrates the roots of the hair, evenly distributes, massages the scalp, and accelerates absorption.

What is it made of?
The aluminum alloy shell is luxurious and durable, and the inner layer is ABS (without PBA). The curved design fits the scalp better, and the soft plastic bottle cap design can accelerate the liquid by pressing.

How can I add the liquid?
The way to add liquid is to add it to the liquid bottle mouth or directly to the liquid bottle mouth, or to hairspray, nutrient solution, essential oil, etc. We pay attention to the reasonable design of every detail.

How can I prevent overflow? 
When closing the top cover after adding the liquid, the action should be light to reduce the pressure of closing the cover, which can reduce the overflow of liquid. 
When there is liquid in the liquid container, please make sure the rolling ball comb teeth are facing up to prevent the liquid from overflowing.

How can I clean it?

After use, clean with water to prevent residual liquid from clogging the liquid pipe after drying.

How can I keep it longer? 
It is forbidden to hit the comb teeth with hard objects. 
It is strictly forbidden to drop the comb, which will damage the comb teeth.

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