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Premium Orthotic Gel Insoles

Premium Orthotic Gel Insoles

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Do you have plantar fasciitis, a heel spur, or plantar aponeurosis?

Are your heels and arches sore, and do you feel like spikes are digging into your feet with every step?

Support your feet now with our premium Orthotic Gel Insoles which are developed to increase the comfort and support of any shoe!

Relieve your feet's pain and regain the pleasure of walking again

Stop the pain with only one step; Just put the Premium Orthotic Gel Insoles into your shoes. These foot insoles will provide your feet with cushioning arch support, and a better fit. Podiatrists advise using these Premium Orthotic Gel Insoles to treat back pain, knee discomfort, shin pain, foot pain, and heel pain.

Immediate relief of heel spurs, general heel aggravation and flat feet correction

These Premium Orthotic Gel Insoles' semi-rigid arch supports your feet to enforce the appropriate walking form, their specific design makes it possible to ideally support the arch of the foot and to better absorb shocks.

Note: it can be used by both women and men.

U-Shape Design

Because the arch insoles are made with a deep U-shaped heel cup, they can be worn for anything from physical labour to hiking, rock climbing, or team sports. During heavy impact and long-distance exercises, it helps to balance and support the foot, minimising slipping and friction.

Ultra-breathable, odourless and comfortable

The soft material of the highest grade makes up the upper layer. Even in hot weather, it keeps the feet cool and comfortable by soaking up all the perspiration and moisture. During the hard activity, the anti-sweat fabric of the shoe insert keeps feet dry and cool, keeping them pleasant, healthy, and free of blisters.


  • Superior shock absorption that provides long last comfort.
  • Reduces stress on knees and lower body.
  • The soft top cloth absorbs moisture to keep feet dry and reduce odour.
  • U-shaped heel design
  • Full-length bow support.
  • Extra support for the heel and the foot.
  • Extra cushioning at the heel for maximum effect.
  • Suitable for all types of shoes.
  • Free to cut, can be cut according to requirements.


Remove existing insoles from shoes (if they were any).
Insert these insoles into your shoes (cut them before if necessary).

2 Sizes available:

35-40 EU (4-9.5 US)

41-46 EU (10-13 US). 

Insoles can be cut and tailored to fit any foot.

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