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Pre-Inked Brow Mapping String for Microblading Eyebrow Marker

Pre-Inked Brow Mapping String for Microblading Eyebrow Marker

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Precision Mapping Pre-ink String for Microblading: Perfect Eyebrow Positioning Tool

 Achieve flawless eyebrow make-up with our Mapping Pre-ink String.

This innovative tool is designed specifically for microblading and semi-permanent eyebrow dyeing, allowing precise positioning and measuring. Create perfectly shaped eyebrows every time with ease and accuracy.

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Experience the ultimate precision with our Mapping Pre-ink String - your secret to flawless microblading results!

Our Mapping Pre-ink String is pre-inked with a safe and skin-friendly dye. Simply position the string along your eyebrows and press gently to transfer the ink onto your skin, creating a temporary guideline for precise eyebrow shaping and measurement.

Say goodbye to uneven eyebrows and hello to perfection with our revolutionary eyebrow measuring tool!

Accurate and Precise

Our Mapping Pre-ink String ensures precise positioning and measurement, resulting in perfectly shaped eyebrows every time.


With our eyebrow measuring tool, you can achieve salon-quality results in a fraction of the time, eliminating the need for tedious trial and error.

Versatile Application

Whether you're into microblading or semi-permanent eyebrow dyeing, our product is designed to cater to various eyebrow make-up techniques, providing flexibility and convenience.

Enhanced Confidence

By using our innovative tool, you can effortlessly create symmetrical and well-defined eyebrows, boosting your confidence and enhancing your overall appearance.

Main Features

● Precise Positioning
● Temporary Ink
● Easy-to-use
  • Disposable, without worrying about how to clean

  • Self-adhesive, no need to always hold it by hand and won't slip off when you put on makeup

  • Transparent ruler body with black marking, easy to use

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Achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home with our semi-permanent positioning tool

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Transform your eyebrow game and boost your confidence with our cutting-edge thread for eyebrow make-up dyeing!

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  • Use for: Eyebrow Design and Outline
  • Length: 10m
  • Color 1: White ink
  • Color 2: Black ink

What's in the box

1 * Mapping Pre-ink String


Is the ink used in the Mapping Pre-ink String safe for the skin?
Yes, the ink used in our Mapping Pre-ink String is specifically formulated to be safe for the skin. It is gentle and non-irritating, making it suitable for use on eyebrows.

How long does the ink last on the skin?
The ink from the Mapping Pre-ink String is temporary and will gradually fade over time. It typically lasts for several hours to a day, depending on individual skin type and care.

Can the Mapping Pre-ink String be used by beginners?
Absolutely! Our Mapping Pre-ink String is designed to be user-friendly, making it suitable for both beginners and professionals. It provides an easy and effective way to achieve precise eyebrow shaping and measurement.

Can I reuse the Mapping Pre-ink String?
The Mapping Pre-ink String is designed for single-use applications. For hygiene purposes and to ensure accurate results, we recommend using a new string for each eyebrow shaping session.

Does the Mapping Pre-ink String work on all skin tones?
Yes, our Mapping Pre-ink String is suitable for use on all skin tones. The ink is visible and provides a clear guideline, regardless of your skin tone.

Can the Mapping Pre-Ink String be used with other eyebrow makeup products?
Yes, you can use the Mapping Pre-Ink String in combination with other eyebrow makeup products. It serves as a helpful guide for precise shaping, allowing you to achieve your desired eyebrow look with ease.

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