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Mini Electric Shaver For Men

Mini Electric Shaver For Men

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Ultimate Portable Grooming Companion: Mini Electric Travel Shaver

Compact, Washable, Cordless, Pain-Free Trimmer for Men's Face and Beard.

Are you tired of carrying bulky grooming tools while traveling?

Introducing our Mini Electric Travel Shaver for Men—a pocket-sized, washable, cordless trimmer that provides painless precision for your face and beard. Experience effortless grooming on the go!

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Experience the ultimate grooming convenience with this pocket-sized electric shaver!

This mini electric razor operates by utilizing a 6-blade stainless steel turbo blade, a 0.1mm thick stainless steel sheet, and a 3D double-ring knife net. The floating arc surface adheres to the skin, allowing for precise and painless grooming, while the device's waterproof feature enables easy cleaning and both wet and dry usage.

Achieve precise and efficient grooming!

Precision and Efficiency

The 6-blade stainless steel sharp turbo blade, specialized in hard beard, combined with the 0.1mm thick stainless steel sheet and 3D double-ring knife net, increases shaving volume and removes root hair. The floating arc surface smooth and stick to the skin, ensuring an effortless and efficient grooming experience.

Versatility and Convenience

The mini electric razor is waterproof, supporting both wet and dry use, and can be fully immersed for easy cleaning. Its small size and aluminum metal body make it portable, non-slip, durable, and comfortable to use. Perfect for travel, office, or emergency grooming needs.

Multifunctional Application

The mini razor is not limited to men's facial grooming. Its small size makes it perfect for removing hair on women's faces, hands, feet, and other body parts. A great gift idea for various occasions, including birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Long-lasting Power and Fast Charging

The razor can be quickly charged in 2 hours and used for over 6 hours, with 99 days of extended use. It can be charged through the USB interface, making it convenient to recharge using various devices, including laptops, mobile power supplies, and computers. The low micro-vibration motor ensures a continuous and fast shaving experience with low noise.

Main Features

  • Portable: Pocket-sized convenience.
  • Versatile: Wet and dry use.
  • Efficient: 6-blade turbo blade.
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Say goodbye to bulky grooming tools and hello to effortless grooming on-the-go!

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Whether you're traveling or in an emergency, this mini razor is the perfect choice for quick and easy hair removal!

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  • Material: ABS and aluminium alloy
  • Weight: product weight alone: 85g, set weight: 135g
  • Gear: On and off, two gears
  • Function: Shaver, razor
  • Power supply: built-in 500 mAh 602030 polymer battery * 1
  • Endurance: 1.5 hours of rotation
  • Voltage: 3.7V-4.2V
  • Blade head: rotary 3-blade head
  • Motor: Brush motor
  • Waterproof: The knife head can be washed.
  • Power: 5W
  • Size: 74*51*22mm

What's in the box

  • 1 * Cleaning Brush
  • 1 * TYPE-C charging cable
  • 1 * Mini Electric Travel Shaver


Is the mini electric razor suitable for sensitive skin?
Yes, the mini electric razor is designed to be gentle on all skin types, including sensitive skin, thanks to its floating arc surface and pain-free trimming.

Can I use the razor while it is charging?
For safety reasons, it is recommended not to use the razor while it is charging. Please wait until it is fully charged before using it.

How long does the battery last on a single charge?
The mini razor provides over 6 hours of usage time on a full charge, ensuring long-lasting performance for your grooming needs.

Is the mini electric razor easy to clean?
Absolutely! The razor is waterproof and supports full-body washing. You can easily clean it under running water or immerse it in water for thorough cleaning.

Can women use this razor for hair removal on other body parts?
Yes, the mini razor is suitable for hair removal on various body parts, making it a versatile grooming tool for both men and women.

How long does it take to fully charge the razor?
The razor can be fully charged in just 2 hours, allowing you to quickly recharge and use it whenever needed.

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