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Lash Lift Kit Lashes eyelash lifting

Lash Lift Kit Lashes eyelash lifting

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The professional Lash Lift Kit Lashes eyelash lifting set for at home. The natural variant of artificial eyelashes ensures the effect is twice as long and twice as dense. The immediate result gives the eyelashes a breathtaking curl.

✓ Beautiful, long & curved eyelashes

 Vegan & cruelty-free

✓ 10 applications & lasting 8 weeks

✓ water & mascara resistant

✓ Save a lot of money per treatment in the salon

For the lift effect, the lashes are lengthened & shaped in a gentle & way with our Lash Lift Kit Lashes eyelash lifting. The immediate result ensures the perfect look that lasts up to 8 weeks.

 is the Lash Lift Kit Lashes eyelash lifting  special?

Professional. Glamorous. High quality.

Yes, our Lash Lift Kit Lashes eyelash lifting  is special!

The professional eyelash lifting set for at home. The entire content is designed & optimized for professional eyelash lifting in the salon. The content of the lifting set is sufficient for up to 8 applications, after which the lifting effect shows its presence for up to 8 weeks. So you can lift your eyelashes again at any time & don't have to go to a salon where you pay a lot of money per treatment.

 How to use :

1. Clean the eyelashes with the cleanser (Cleanser 4) to remove oil, dust, makeup and so on.

2. Choose your desired size from the lash pad and apply the eyelash glue thicker to the entire back. Let the glue dry for 30-60 seconds.
S = Strong lifting: Use only for very short eyelashes
M, M1, M2 = Medium lifting: Optimal for short-normal eyelashes
L = Luxe Lifting: Super for normal-long eyelashes

3. Then stick the lash pad onto your upper eyelid and press it in place for 60 seconds. (If the pad does not hold at the corners, the corners can be cut off to fit)

4. Apply the eyelash glue thicker to the top of the lash pad and let it dry for 30-60 seconds.

5. Using the Y-brush, laminate your lashes to the pad & then wait 60 seconds to allow it to dry slightly. (If necessary, eyelash glue can be added).

6. Apply the perm lotion (Perm 1) to the lower half of the lashes with the brush. Cover them with a narrow strip of cling film for 10 minutes. (The cling film additionally fixes the eyelashes and improves the effect).

7. Now carefully wipe off the first lotion with a cotton swab. Then apply the fixation (Fixation 2) to your lashes and cover them again with cling film for 10 minutes.

8. Now carefully detach the remains of the lifting process and the eyelashes from the pad with the cleaner (Cleanser 4) and a cotton swab.

9. Finally, apply the care (Nutrition 3) with the eyelash brush to revitalize your eyelashes.

100% vegan & free from animal testing

1. Perm Lotion

 Enhances the natural curl of your lashes

2. Fixation
 Fixes the new voluminous curl of your eyelashes

3. Care Lotion

 Revitalizes your eyelashes to grow naturally

4. Purify

 Removes all residues after the lifting application

5. Eyelash glue

 Fixes your lashes on the lifting pads

6. Eyelash Pillow

 They give you the desired new momentum, 5 different strengths - for every taste:
S = Strong lifting: Only use on very short eyelashes
M, M1, M2 = Medium lifting: Well suited for short-normal eyelashes
L = Luxe lifting: Good suitable for normal-long eyelashes

7. Cleaning aid
 Used together with the cleaner and also to fix the eyelashes on the lifting pads.

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