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Instant Whitening Foam Toothpaste

Instant Whitening Foam Toothpaste

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Our instant whitening foam toothpaste uses the newest way to get rid of surface stains to give you effective and thorough oral care

Effective whitening and deep cleaning 

Our powerful scouring toothpaste is in the form of a dense gentle foam, which can effectively clean tartar, remove odors, and whiten teeth 360°.

Our unique ultra-fine foam can effectively clean and dissolve deep tooth stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, and cigarettes.

Improves dental health with long-term use

Long-term use can prevent tooth decay and improve dental health. 
The powerful cleaning power of baking soda can penetrate the gaps in tooth enamel, whiten teeth, freshen breath, and make gums healthier! 

Refreshes your breath

Our Instant Whitening Foam Toothpaste refreshes the breath, nourishes the mouth, perfectly fits the surface of the teeth, and gives the teeth a new look.

Easy to use

It's simple to use our foam toothpaste. Simply spread a little coating of fresh mousse on your toothbrush or teeth before brushing as usual.

You can use it when you are in a hurry to get to work, after snacks and meals, or to rinse after smoking. 

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Whitening Foam Toothpaste*1


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