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Infrared Heated Knee Massage Pads

Infrared Heated Knee Massage Pads

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Are your sore knees still bothering you?

Our Infrared Heated Knee Massage Pads are here to help! Harnessing the power of heat, these Infrared Heated Knee pads relieve chronic pain or stress, dilate the blood vessels, stimulate blood circulation and reduce muscle spasms...

How it works?

The Infrared Heated Knee Massage Pads are based in infrared therapy. They promote heat that deeply penetrates into your knees which successfully removes or lessens persistent discomfort and solves a variety of problems.

Regain your health and feel full relief

Knee Heat Massager offers a potent vibration massage that will increase your range of motion while reducing joint pain, muscle stiffness, and joint swelling in your knees. The Advanced Selectable Heating function improves circulation, quickly warms the knee, and further eases cramps and aching muscles.

Relax and sleep better

The Infrared Knee Heating Pad will release far-infrared rays, which thoroughly and uniformly penetrate throughout the body and muscle, providing relief by boosting circulation.


Take care of yourself and your beloved ones

Restore the health of tired and tense muscles as a self-care measure and show that you care for your wife, your husband, your parents, your friends, and your teachers by earising their pain with the Infrared Heated Knee Massage Pads . 

 Key Benefits:

  • Solves a variety of issuesMascular aches and joint pains, weak legs, sports injuries, sprains hurt...
  • Fast-heating:  Heats quickly, offers incredibly comfortable heat treatment for knee arthritis pain relief and injury recovery, maintains knee warmth, and can also be used on calves, thighs, and arms to relieve tightness and cramping in the muscles. extremely convenient to use.
  • Full heating that penetrates your knees for instant comfort.
  • 1 button control and 3 heat gears: It is quite simple to use, and you have complete control over the heating temperature and duration. The power button has an LED indication and has three temperature settings: red for the maximum, white for medium, and blue for the lowest. The heating setting can be changed by giving the button a brief press.

How to use:

1. Use the USB cable to plug in an USB port of desktop computer to get source, the output is about 5V/DC
2. Press the button for 3 seconds to turn on.
3. Press the button to change temperature level:
Highest (red): the temp is 111.2℉/44℃, hot 
Medium (white): the temp is 105.8℉/41℃, warm
Lowest (blue): the temp is 100.4℉/38℃, lukewarm

Package includes:

  • 1 or 2PCS heating electric knee pads
  • USB cable
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