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Hair Band With Clip Stretching Straps

Hair Band With Clip Stretching Straps

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Hair Band With Clip Stretching Straps For Preventing Hair From Covering Eyes & Face Adjustable Elastic Band For Long Hair


Lifts your face and helps to hide wrinkles

The eyebrow lifting system improves sagging skin, gets rid of facial wrinkles, lifts and tightens the face and eyes, makes the chin and face thinner, and gives the face a V-shape.



These Hair Band With Clip Stretching Straps are invisible because they will exactly match the colour of your hair which make them look undetectable.


Easy to adjust

Appropriate for girls with various head sizes because of its adjustable size. It is soft and easy to carry and store, making it ideal for going on vacation, attending events, or taking business trips.

Breathable and comfortable

These Hair Band With Clip Stretching Straps are made of high-quality nylon elastic cloth, which is comfortable to use, flexible, light in weight, and soft to the touch. It will not burden the skin during use.


How To Use

1. Divide The Hair Into Two Parts (Beginning At The Ears) And Clip The Top Layer Into A Bun.

2. Open Both Clips On The Ends Of Your Lift Band And Then Gather A Small Piece Of Hair Above Your Ears

3. Tease The Small Section Of Hair Directly Above The Ears With A Comb To Create Volume.

4. While Pulling One Section Back, Clip The Lift Band Right Above The Ear. Pull Your Band Along The Hair Line To The Other Size, To Clip

5. If Needed, Tighten The Strap By Pulling The Metal Piece On The Back(Just Like You Would With A Bra!)

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