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Full Manicure Kit Poly gels With UV Lamp

Full Manicure Kit Poly gels With UV Lamp

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Including a 36W nail lamp, 7 colours of poly nail gel, top, base, file, slip solution, Nail extensions, Nail brush, Nail file, and a Nail clipper! Bring your home nail salon, just skip salon nails and save your time and money


The UV lamp comes with a 6 W UV Lamp that makes it simple to cure your gel and set the extensions for weeks. You may simply take care of your nails at home with high-quality cosmetics and equipment.

The included UV Lamp has timer settings to meet your gel polish demands, with a low heat mode, it will cause no harm to your skin.


  • Made with safe chemicals, the products are excellent for all skin and nail types.
  • The gel is safely packaged with bottle aluminium foil to ensure that it reaches you in the best shape.
  • With an extrude design that's simple to use, performing a manicure at home is much more hassle-free and practical.
  • After the gel has dried, the nail moulds are simple to remove.
  • You can create strong adherence and robust lasting with the aid of the gel.

How to Use:

  1. File the nail surface lightly
  2. Apply a very thin layer of base coat, and cure it under UV/LED lamp.
  3. Select a suitable shape & size false nail tip.
  4. Apply Poly Extention Gel on the nail mould, and use a nail art pen with Slip Solution to make the gel smooth.
  5. Stick it to your real nail and make sure it is fully plying up, and cure it under UV/LED lamp.
  6. Remove the false nail tip, trim the shape and polish your nails.
  7. Apply top coat and cure it under UV/LED lamp.
  8. Design your nail with your satisfied patterns.

Package includes:

  • 1*UV lamp 
  • 7*PolyGel tube
  • Top/base coat
  • Set 100 pcs nail extensions (fake nails)
  • 1*Nail brush
  • 1*Nail file
  • 1*Nail clipper
  • 1*Liquid Gel solution

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