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Face Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller

Face Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller

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No more oily shiny skin, excess skin oil & shine removed in seconds!

How it works?

Made from real volcanic stone, this Face Oil Absorbing effectively removes excess oil from the skin's surface and from within the pores thanks to its powerful oil-controlling abilities. Removes the toxin from the skin's base layer and creates clean, sensitive skin.

After application, it can successfully control oil production, avoid acne, prevent acne, and have other effects.

A great feel on your skin

It feels wonderful to rub the face Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller across your skin; it's like getting a little facial massage. . It is a good alternative for face rollers especially if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

Absorbs oil and water quickly

Get an immediate mattifying impact by simply rolling the Oil-Control Face Roller over your T-zone or other oily skin areas! It's that simple! 


This oil-absorbing roller is reusable in contrast to blotting papers for oily skin, which are used once and discarded.

To clean, open the roller's ring by twisting it, then remove the stone. Before locking it back in, clean it with a mild cleaner, rinse it, and let it air dry.

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