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Eyelash Volumizing Growth Serum

Eyelash Volumizing Growth Serum

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What Causes Thin Lashes Or Lash-Loss?

Eyelashes are the fine, small wisp of hair that lines and grows in one layer at the edge of the upper and lower eyelids. And just like our tresses, the lashes can also experience some level of shedding. On average, a human has about 90 to 160 lashes on the top eyelid and 75 to 80 lashes on the bottom. These lashes naturally fall out like you'd shed hair in the head, and then grow back as part of a natural cycle every six to 10 weeks. However, an abnormal loss or extreme amount of fallout can be distressing and might be a cause of an underlying condition that triggers the disruption in the lash regular production. There are a variety of factors where the eyelashes can thin out, shed or shorten. These include madarosis, alopecia areata, blepharitis, aging, heredity, cosmetic irritations, poor beauty habits (ex: leaving eye makeup on, constant wearing of mascara), lash extensions, excessive eye rubbing and such.   

Each eyelashes has their own growth cycle that comes in 3 phases namely the anagen (growing stage), catagen (transition stage), and telogen (resting/shedding stage). Proper care and nourishment supports a continuous healthy growth circulation and helps to promote longer and thicker eyelashes. Our eyelashes are one of the important assets in a person when it comes to the beauty world as they make the eyes more flattering and “eye-catching”. In addition, they also work as a shield that operates to protect the internal and external eye from injury, infections and keep particles like dust, dirt, sand and other debris from entering. That is why we introduce to you volumizing lash serum! An effective treatment that lets you achieve that bat-worthy lashes in no time!

Get That Stunning, Naturally Lengthen Falsies Effect And Learn More About Volumizing Lash Growth Serum!

This premium lash serum is packed with the perfect blend of active ingredients that effectively promotes an immediate volumizing and lengthening performance. Its beneficial contents penetrate deep into skin which helps to infuse each lash their much needed nourishment to grow and work. It serves as an impressive stimulator that boosts a healthy growth cycle with a longer anagen phase to prevent lash-loss and thinning. Moreover, the eyelash serum encourages resting lashes and even strengthens damaged ones to reduce breakage and future fallouts. It also stimulates a proper blood circulation to allow more nutrients to reach each lash follicle and quicken growth production. 

The lash growth serum also quenches the lashes with an appropriate amount of hydration to keep them from being brittle and broken due to constant eye makeup. Providing your eyelashes a perfect dose of healthy shine that everyone would envy. Furthermore, it works as well in assisting to distribute natural, nourishing oils to the lashes. It offers a thin tip for better and easier application onto your lash line and is highly gentle on all skin-types. You can use it confidently onto your upper eyelids, lower eyelids, and even for your eyebrows and hairline. Sport that naturally fuller, longer and extra-strong lashes in just 3 weeks with regular use!  

Key Ingredients Of Volumizing Lash Growth Serum:

  • Pumpkin Seed Extract - is loaded with eyelash beneficial nutrients, including  vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that helps to achieve a longer, luscious and stunning lash. It actively conditions and strengthens each lash to promote a healthy, faster growth and prevents breakage. Moreover, pumpkin seed can successfully block DHT, a hormone that interferes with the hair's growth cycle, and targets the catagen and telogen phase to decrease it. Allowing it to minimize extreme shedding and provide a longer growing stage. Lastly, pumpkin seed extract comes in thinner consistency with amazing moisturizing properties that assist the lashes to grow longer and naturally luscious with a healthy shine.
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract - or commonly known as Korean red ginseng, is a popular, effective ingredient in terms of hair thickening thanks to its natural compound ginsenoside. It effectively stimulates the natural growth cycle and helps to reinforce each lashes from root to tip for maximum health. Minimizing the risk of breakage, thinning and future lash-loss. Making your eyelashes naturally strengthened and stunning with its longer, and thicker appearance.  
  • Hyaluronic Acid - works as a great conditioning and moisturizing ingredient for the lashes due to its combination of hydrating properties and nourishing peptides. It helps to treat brittles and dried out lash by hydrating each lash from deep within and locking in an appropriate moisture. Providing the eyelashes a healthy shine while simultaneously adding in volume for a more longer, fuller and healthy look.   
  • Vitamin E - boasts a ton of benefits for the hair as well as eyelashes. It is like a conditioner that helps to nourish each lash all throughout to stimulate them to grow stronger and keeps them healthy. Thus, preventing lashes thinning, fallouts and unwanted lash damages that makes them short and weak. Additionally, vitamin E is an excellent ingredient in treating alopecia, a condition that attacks hair follicles and causes hair loss all over the body.  

  • Check Out This 3 Week Progress For Fuller, Longer Eyelashes:

    I have like the most basic eyelashes ever, it is not full and not too long also. Back when I was still in my university, I always envied my classmates for their long lush lashes. And it makes me so self-conscious that even the guys in my class have more beautiful lashes than I do. I always put on like 3 coats of mascara just to make mine stand out now, but it is really a hassle after a long day at work when I have to remove those dried, thick coats. So when I saw this well-reviewed volumizing lash growth serum, I didn't hesitate to check it out and it is one of the best decisions I ever made! It only took me 3 weeks to achieve the perfect lashes that I’ve always longed before. I’m actually not one to leave a review, but this serum is so amazing that I can’t help but to share my progress with it. 

    Week 1:

    This volumizing lash growth serum had really taken the “quick-effects” to the next level that in only on my 3 days of application and there’s already new growths creeping out. In a week, the lash growths had been more visible and I also noticed that my eyelashes had been growing long though it’s not much obvious yet. I also want to add that the packaging of this product looks so stunningly luxurious with its golden touch. It is also light and easy to control so I can quickly apply it on my thin lash line with no problem at all! 

    Week 2:

    Another week of nightly application of this serum and the increase in length and growth have been much apparent now. My lashes don't look so thin anymore and all the empty spaces in my lash line had already been filled in seamlessly. It turns out that this serum has also helped in making my lashes more darker unlike my dull-looking lash before. This lash growth serum is totally gentle, up to this week I still haven’t had any irritations in my eyes or eyelids even once.  

    Week 3:

    Just yet another week and my average looking lashes are now looking so wonderful than ever. I’ve been using the same tube since day 1 and there’s still more to it, yet my lashes are now definitely fuller, longer and even healthier! They look so fine and they make my eyes more popping and dramatic be it in person or in camera. I’m so happy that I can now prettilly bat my lashes without the need to put on mascara! I’m gonna stop using it on my lashes now and try it on my eyebrows. If you want to wake up everyday with naturally voluminous and longer lashes then this is the one you're looking for!


    • Offers your lashes with a boost in length, volume and shine for that natural dramatic lashes effect
    • Obvious effect for only 3 weeks of regular use
    • Stimulate and lengthens the growth cycle of eyelashes 
    • Revive and strengthened damage lashes to prevent future fallouts, thinning, and breakage
    • Provides proper nourishment for each lashes for a more rapid, healthy growth
    • Supplies hydration to avoid brittled and drying lash
    • Formulated with premium lash-loving, non-irritating ingredients 
    • Suitable for eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair     
    • Weight: 
    • 1/2/4pcs x Eyelash Volumizing Growth Serum
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