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Professional Electric Nail File Drill Machine

Professional Electric Nail File Drill Machine

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With the help of this nail drill, you can do your own manicures and pedicures at home and bring your beauty salon home.

It is an important tool for both experienced nail care professionals and people who have never done it before because it is useful, flexible, and easy to use.

How it works?

You may join our salon-quality nail club and do your own manicures with this all-in-one nail care tool, saving time and money. It may be used for manicures, pedicures, acrylic, gel, dead skin, and calluses.

Bring the whole manicure salon 

Using our electric nail drill's 6 drills and 6 nylon wheels, you may carve, polish, shape, engrave, cut, grind moulds, remove calluses, and polish nails. professional for use at home as well as in a salon.

Easy to use

Connect the USB cord to the main electrical outlet using a USB adapter (or another device with a USB connection), then choose the appropriate speed by adjusting the variable speed control knob on the handpiece.

Upgraded portable and attractive design

Because of its non-slip surface treatment and high-density aluminium alloy construction, the body is scratch-, drop-, and drop-proof. The lightweight construction and pencil-like look of the handle allow for a secure and comfortable grip, making it ideal for use at home and on the go.

Easy to carry

You may use this portable electric nail drill to do manicures wherever you are—at home or on the go—with a laptop, power bank, USB charger, or vehicle charger owing to its tiny housing and USB interface design of the charging line.

Adjustable speed and reverse functionality

The electric nail cutter in the manicure and pedicure kits has an adjustable speed. Additionally, you may choose the forward or backward rotation direction according to your habits. Both right-handed and left-handed users may employ the two rotational orientations. Our grinding head's locking force is substantial, and its rotational speed is 30000 rpm.

How to use

Step 1:

Attach the USB cable to the wall outlet's USB adapter (or USB connection source).

Step 2:

By rotating the dial on the handle, choose the desired speed.

Step 3:

Firmly insert the necessary drill into the hole to set the drill bit.

Step 4:

Remove the drill. After turning the machine off, remove the drill with care.

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