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Electric Nail Drill Professional Manicure Machine

Electric Nail Drill Professional Manicure Machine

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If you enjoy keeping your nails polished and filed then this Electric Nail Drill Machine with Memory Function is for you.

The nail drill machine has a memory function that saves up to three different nail shapes, making it simple to get flawless nails every time. It is simple to use and is ideal for travel thanks to its compact form and user-friendly layout.

For any busy woman who wants to take care of her nails while on the go, this incredible solution is ideal. When you need it most, you may quickly store it in your wallet or purse thanks to its practical design. Additionally, you can store up to three different nail shapes in its memory function for later access.


  • Multifunctional and Variable Speed The 6-in-1 Professional Nail Drill, 0-40000RPM, is perfect for more challenging tasks like managing thick nails, dipping powder, acrylic nails, or the nails of dogs and other animals. It is also appropriate for processing or grinding natural nails.
  • Memory Function and Pause Button: When operating the nail drill machine, you may freely pause and resume filing thanks to an excellent pause button design. The electric nail file has a cutting-edge memory feature that allows it to resume using its original speed and direction even when it is unplugged.
  • Advanced and Secure Nail File Drill: With an updated motor and chip, this electric nail buffer is steadily steady and vibration-resistant. It also emits less noise.

Package includes:

  • 1*Electric main machine
  • 1*Nail drill pen
  • 1*Nail drill machine cable
  • 1*foot pedal
  • 1*6 pcs Drill bits set
  • 1*Type-C adapter
  • 30 pcs sanding bands
  • 1*User manual

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