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Electric heating pad for menstrual pain Relief

Electric heating pad for menstrual pain Relief

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Do you have terrible period cramps that make you lie for hours in bed? Do you have to cancel your outings and outdoor activities because of unsupportable pain?

We have a natural solution for you.


How it works?

Our belt uses both heating and vibration therapy to relieve your pain:

Heat: Our Period Relief Pad will heat the area, which relaxes the uterus' muscles and relieves the cramps that are the source of the agony. (Style 1 and 2)

Vibrations: The belt will slightly vibrate as it heats up to help the muscles and tissues in the area relax. (Only in style 2)

Relaxes your Period Cramps and Sore Muscles

The electric heating pad uses graphene for quick heating and has a huge heating area that covers your entire belly.

The graphene releases far infrared thermal energy to heat your body, enhance blood circulation, relax your muscles, and significantly reduce discomfort from cramps, backaches, sore muscles, etc.

10 Seconds heating and 3 temperatures

To turn it on or off, press the heat button for 3 seconds.

Press it quickly to switch between the temperatures:

65°C (Red)

55°C (Blue)

45°C (White)

For your safety, it has an accurate, intelligent constant temperature control system that automatically switches to the low temperature setting after 30 minutes of operation.


Portable and Washable

It is washable and easy to clean with no risk of electrical shocks or deformation.

This heating pad can save your day wherever you are: at work, school, or just when you want to go shopping, and the good news is that it is seamless.

Package included:

Style 1
1*heating  Belt
1*Battery Bag

Style 2
1*heating & massager Belt
1*Battery Bag

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