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Electric Heating Pad

Electric Heating Pad

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30*59cm Electric Heating Pad

Sore muscles, daily muscular aches, swelling, and uncomfortable cramping are some of the problems that can be solved by our 30*59cm Electric Heating Pad.

It can be used on different parts of your body, including large ones.

Pain relief and full body relaxation

Heat is spread evenly and densely to reduce stiffness and accumulated fatigue. suitable for cold weather, cold wombs, and shoulder, back, neck, leg, and knee pain.

The heating pad will put therapeutic heat on your neck, shoulders, back, and other sore spots. This will help relieve stress and muscle pain.

Fits the most of your body parts

The unique shape of the Heating Pad includes an adjustable collar and weighted edges to ensure personalized fit and comfort.

10 adjustable temperatures and 3 time settings

Feel free to select the temperature that suits you with the heat button.

-You can choose from 10 options.

1-30℃, gear 2-35℃, 3-40℃, 4-45℃, 5-50℃, 6-55℃, 7- 58℃, 8-63℃, 9-65℃,  10-70℃

-You can also set the timer with the timer button (select from: 45 min, 90 mins, or 120 mins).

Please keep in mind that our electric heating pad automatically shuts off to help you save energy and avoid burns caused by overheating. 


Easy to clean

Equipped with a waterproof junction box, our Electric Heating Pad support both water and machine wash.


Material: super soft crystal velvet

color: grey

Power: 75W

Heating wire length: 136cm+57cm

Heating temperature of heating pad: gear 1-30℃, gear 2-35℃, gear 3-40℃, gear 4-45℃, gear 5-50℃, gear 6-55℃, gear 7- 58℃, gear 8-63℃, gear 9-65℃, gear 10-70℃

Plug Specifications: (220-240V)

Actual product size: 30*59cm

Packing size: 30*9*9cm

Package includes:

1* 30*59cm heating pad

1*Temperature control power line

1* User Manual

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