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Electric Hair Steamer Heat Cap

Electric Hair Steamer Heat Cap

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This Hair cap is a fantastic tool for people who want to improve the quality of their hair colours and increase the efficiency of hair absorption of nutrients.

Salon-quality conditioning treatment at home: A special deep conditioning heat cap is the hair steamer. It offers a quick and fashionable approach to getting salon-quality conditioning results at home. While conditioning your hair, you can substantially enhance the outcomes of your hair treatment and feel good about the way you appear.

Easy to use: It only takes a minute to heat up and maintain a temperature of 40–69°C inside Our Hair Steamer Heat Cap after turning on the button. Then, before putting on the hair steamer cap, you may just apply a hair treatment to your hair and use a plastic or shower hat (optional). A head strap at the back of the heat cap allows you to further customise its fit on your head.

Powerful functions: It uses non-woven flame retardant treatment and silicone heating (charcoal fibre). It will ensure that your hair is heated uniformly while using oil or conditioner, and it may also be used for at-home hair care to increase nutrient absorption and speed up the dying process. Hair care SPA caps can successfully decrease hair damage, eliminate hair frizz and split ends, and properly hydrate your hair.

Perfect size for a home hair salon: Our Hair Steamer Heat Cap is broad and deep, ensuring that you can easily cover your head's front, back, and borders. Additionally, even if your home is small, there will always be room for this lightweight, useful hair steamer heat cap. Additionally, its small size makes it simple to transport when travelling.

Size: 27cm*17cm

Voltage: EU plug:220V, UK plug:220V, US plug:110V

Power: 50-75w

Temperature: 40°C-69°C (affected by external factors, the hair is oiled and maintained, there is no problem with perming)

1 x Hair Steamer Cap


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