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Electric Face Brush Massager And Exfoliator - Facial Cleansing Silicone Brush

Electric Face Brush Massager And Exfoliator - Facial Cleansing Silicone Brush

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Discover the brilliance of the Facial Cleansing Silicone Brush to raise your skincare game! This small, lightweight device offers a thorough, yet gentle clean in just one minute thanks to ultra-hygienic silicone and T-Sonic technology!

FINALLY, you can clean your skin the RIGHT way and avoid oily skin & acne forever by using our Ultrasonic Face Cleanser!

Deeply cleans your skin

With the use of ultrasonic pulsations, this Electric Face Brush thoroughly cleans, massages, and exfoliates your skin while effortlessly removing up to 99.5% of debris, makeup residue, oil, dry skin, and bacteria from your pores. The result is clear, radiant skin with a healthier texture.

Significantly better absorption of skin care products

Our Electric Face Brush's pulsations increase the absorption of priceless skincare active ingredients in addition to deep in-pore cleansing by advancing them beneath the skin's surface.

Superior Cleaning in the Palm of Your Hand

Until recently, clogged pores not only made your skin seem drab but also caused outbreaks. Not any longer! Your skin will seem smoother, cleaner, and toned in three days if you use it for 60 seconds, twice daily. This eliminates the need for expensive spa treatments that take hours and cost hundreds of dollars. Additionally, it guarantees that your preferred skincare products reach deeper skin layers, giving your face the ideal radiance.

Revolutionary design

It is quickly out of style to wash your face with your hands or abrasive brushes. The ultrasonic electric facial cleansing brush is 35X more sanitary than traditional bristle facial cleansing brushes and removes 99.5% of dirt and pollutants. Our gadgets are portable and not only bring high-tech to skincare.

Safe and IPX5 Waterproof

This sonic brush is incredibly small and water-resistant. It has soft silicone bristles that are exceptionally gentle even on the most sensitive skin, and it is made of highly durable, medical-grade silicone. With its water-resistant construction, you may use it in the shower or bath without worrying about the product breaking down or needing maintenance because it is hypoallergenic and nonporous, which resists germs buildup.

ULTRA-HYGIENIC soft silicone

This Hypoallergenic face brush is made of quick-drying and non-porous silicone, a simple way to beautiful, healthy & super clean skincare for a natural glow.


How to use

For a clear and even complexion, just apply the Facial Cleansing Silicone Brush twice daily for a minute each time. It is 100% water-resistant and has an incredibly lightweight and robust construction, making it ideal for skincare on the move. Throw it in your travel bag or leave it in the shower.


Material: ABS+silicone

Weight: 90g

Size: 8*6*4cm

Battery Power: AAA Battery (Due to logistics restrictions, batteries are not included.)

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Pores, and Dullness and Uneven Texture


The skin is more fragile when it is allergic to peeling. It's recommended that the skin care method at this time be as simple as possible, it's recommended to use it 1-2 times a week, if there is wound or suppurative acne, please stop using this product to avoid worsening wound infection.

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