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Electric Automatic Nail Clipper

Electric Automatic Nail Clipper

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This electric nail clipper is easy to use, safe, has multiple functions, and charges quickly. It will make taking care of your nails fun and safe

Keep your children safe

The blades are concealed behind the grooves that protect the fingers and have 3D exact hole placements and arcs that closely match the curve of the nails.

This Automatic Nail Clipper is very safe, even when your fingers come in direct contact with the nail grooves.

Quick Auto Trim

One finger's nails may be trimmed in under ten seconds. The blade spins a full 360 degrees to simultaneously cut and paint your nails. With the help of the sharp blade, which is ideal for thick, hard nails, you can maintain a proper grooming routine in the comfort of your own home.

Simple to use

Without reading the manual, even young children and old people may operate this electric Automatic Nail Clipper. Just press the button, and the electric nail clipper will cut, trim and grind your nails.

It keeps everything clean

With our electric automated nail clippers, you won't need to waste time looking for cut-off nail debris or be concerned about it flying around. When the nail clipper is used, it automatically keeps the pieces of nail that were cut off inside the built-in storage box.


Charging voltage: 5v

Rated voltage/power: 5v/2.5w

Noise: 45dB

Battery: 500mA 3.7v

Material: ABS plated metal

Product Size: 78x80x33mm

Package included:

1 x Electric Nail Clipper

1 x USB Cable

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