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Cupping Therapy Massage Machine Cellulite Massager

Cupping Therapy Massage Machine Cellulite Massager

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Do you have neck or back pain or cellulite?

Numerous studies have shown that cupping treatment could be able to cure that.

Thanks to cupping treatment, issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, and neck discomfort will be a thing of the past.

Additionally, this cupping treatment device works to decrease cellulite.

Note: There are two levels. Please check both the 6 and 12-level options before placing your order.

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How it works?

Our Cupping Massge Machine outperforms standard cupping sets with a rhythmic alternation of suction and release that increases blood flow to the cupping region more quickly and hastens the healing process.

The red light is effective in reducing pain and inflammation, speeding up the repair of skin and muscle tissue, and promoting greater relaxation.

Have you yet benefited from the cupping therapy technique?

The age-old therapeutic technique of cupping has repeatedly shown its potent advantages in significantly enhancing healing, cellular immunity, reducing pain and knots, and boosting blood flow while decreasing inflammation.

Removes Toxins

Your body is assisted in expelling those poisons through cupping.

Focused blood flow benefits your body by clearing toxins via the lymphatic system that have accumulated. (Your lymphatic system is in charge of getting rid of waste and poisons from your body.)

Releases knots

Massage cupping involves lubricating the skin and stroking the cups over it. This eliminates knots and soothes irritation.

Smart and safe to use

A steady temperature is guaranteed by the integrated sophisticated temperature control chip.

Smart operation detection will activate the AI protection mechanism and shut down immediately to safeguard you after 20 minutes of continuous use.

Portable and self-applicable

Because we don't assume that our customers are physical therapists, we built our gadget to be user-friendly and portable for anytime you need a professional treatment session.

No dependence on a third party, as with conventional cupping, to provide the treatment to you. Simply turn it on, choose your chosen level of intensity, and apply!

Cost-effective and durable

Many people are discouraged from frequent visits since an ordinary session at a professional's office might cost hundreds of dollars. With the help of our portable cupping therapy massager, this cost has become small because our reliable cuppers are made to last a lifetime.

When you use all of its features together, the most convenient at-home treatment tool is ready to give you the best results from every session.

3 in 1 tool

Cupping, scraping, and red-lighting are all combined into one device.

You may start using the control panel right away since it is organised and simple to understand. There aren't several cups or intricate vacuum tubes. Without anyone's assistance, you can do it without difficulty.

The latest upgraded design

This device includes a dynamic mode in addition to the standard cupping mode to help with pain relief, blood circulation, and detoxification. You will have the best cup experience possible thanks to this.

The unique ability of the one-push pressure relief system to relieve pressure right away makes it easy to take off the cup.

2 kinds of levels

-Breathing Pressure, 6 Levels of Red Light Heating, 6 Levels of Negative Pressure, Led Display, One-Key Stop Suction, Timing Design, Scraping and Cupping Massage 3 in 1 (USB charging style) are all included in the 6-level type.

-Breathing Pressure, Red Light Heating, Negative Pressure, LCD Display, One-Key Pressure Relief, Timing Design, 3 in 1 Scraping and Cupping Massage, 12 Levels Style (USB Charging Style).

Easy and simple to use.

-Apply your preferred essential oils to the region that requires treatment before utilising our massager to further relax your therapy session.

-We also advise using many of our gadgets simultaneously to optimise the advantages of your session while also conserving time and improving its efficacy.

Warm tips:

-Use the device for no more than 10 minutes in one place.
-Pregnant women should avoid using the device on their waist or belly.

-After using the cup, keep warm, and take a shower an hour afterwards.
-It is suggested that you test it out in first gear initially.
-Wait five to seven days after the scratches have vanished before using it again.

What Makes Us Different

We want you to be free from the worry and inconvenience of persistent muscular tension and discomfort.
Our Cupping Massage Machine provides the secure, inexpensive, simple, and convenient health experience you want in addition to pain relief.

Didn’t see the results you expected from The Cupping Massage Machine?

You’re covered by our 30 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please return merchandise and receive a full product refund for your order less any shipping and processing.

Common Questions

What is cupping?

Chinese traditional medicine has used cupping for thousands of years. It has been used to speed up healing by easing discomfort, lowering inflammation, and enhancing blood flow to the region being treated.

What are the Risks of Cupping Therapy?

As a result of the destruction of blood cells, cupping therapy can cause visible bruises that look like hickeys.

Those harmless marks often last from a few hours to one week.

Does the suction mode require the use of massage oil?

No, using massage oil is not required. However, we advise making use of it during cupping. Please don't put too much essential oil on each time, so that it doesn't get into the machine and cause a problem.

Is the cup removable in the event that I wish to wash it or swap it out?

Yes, the cup is removable.

How long does the skin's redness last?

Depending on how long you cup, the redness on the skin can last anywhere from several hours to a week.

Is the cup made of silicone?

No. It's PC(Polycarbonate).

Is it painful to use?

No, you won't experience any discomfort using it, and there are 6/12 degrees of suction available for you to test, from the lowest to the highest level.

Is the battery rechargeable?

Yes! Our cupping massage machine can be charged and has an 1800 mAh battery with a three- to four-hour working time.

What should I not do after cupping?

For 4-6 hours after cupping Avoid exposure to:

-Caffeine, alcohol, sugary meals and beverages, dairy, and processed meats These meals make it harder for your body to metabolise the medication.
-Saunas, hot baths, hot showers, and powerful air conditioning.
-Vigorous exercise.
-Chilly and windy weather