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Cosmetic Storage Box - Transparent Push-up Lipstick Holder

Cosmetic Storage Box - Transparent Push-up Lipstick Holder

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Keep Your Lipsticks Organized and Dust-Free with our Transparent Push-up Lipstick Holder

Are you tired of digging through cluttered makeup bags to find your favorite lipstick?

Our Transparent Lipstick Box offers push-up and drop-off compartments, a dust-proof lid, and a sleek desktop design for easy organization and accessibility.

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Keep your lipsticks safe and well-organized with the dust-proof and waterproof feature of our lipstick storage box!

Introducing our innovative press-lift lipstick storage box, the perfect solution for keeping your lipsticks secure, organised, and easily accessible!

Say goodbye to the traditional way of storing your lipsticks and hello to convenience and efficiency.

The press-lift mechanism allows you to quickly access your lipsticks with just one press, sending them upward and out of the enclosure. With the same press, you can easily close the storage box, keeping your lipsticks protected from dust and damage.

This unique, modern storage box is a must-have for every lipstick lover, offering a practical and stylish way to store your lipsticks.

Get yours today and experience the ultimate convenience!

Never lose your favorite lipstick again with our innovative press lift lipstick storage box!

Convenient Access

The press lift mechanism of this lipstick storage box allows for easy access to your lipsticks without having to dig through cluttered makeup bags or drawers.

Dust and Waterproof

The box is designed with a dust-proof and waterproof feature that keeps your lipsticks safe from damage caused by water or dust.

Sleek and Modern Design

This storage box features a modern, sleek design that not only adds to your home's décor but also makes your lipsticks look organised and easily accessible.

Durable Material

Made of high-quality, durable PP & ABS material, this lipstick storage box is built to last and withstand everyday use. Plus, its transparent enclosure allows you to easily see and choose your lipsticks.

Main Features

Press-Lift Mechanism

Dust-proof and Waterproof

Transparent Enclosure

The transparent enclosure of our lipstick storage box makes it easy to find and choose your lipsticks, saving you time and effort every day!

  • Load your lipsticks

    Open the lid of the lipstick storage box and insert your lipsticks into the available slots. The small size provides 8 slots, while the large size provides 12 slots.

  • Access your lipsticks

    To access your lipsticks, simply press down on the top lid of the storage box. This will lift the lipsticks up and out of the enclosure, allowing you to easily select the one you want.

  • Close the storage box

    Once you have selected your lipstick, press down on the top lid again to close the storage box. This will keep your lipsticks secure and protected from dust and damage until you are ready to use them again.

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  • Material: PP, ABS
  • Weight: Conventional 12 grid: 382g ; high style 8 grid: 290g
  • Large Size Dimensions: 13.2 x 11.9 x 11.3 
    Small Size Dimensions: 16.3 x 8.3 x 8.3

What's in the box

1 * Lipstick cosmetic storage box


How many lipstick slots does the small size provide?
The small size provides 8 lipstick slots.

Is the storage box made of durable material?
Yes, the lipstick storage box is made of high-quality, durable PP and ABS material that is built to last and withstand everyday use.

Can the storage box hold other makeup items besides lipsticks?
While the storage box is designed specifically for lipsticks, it can also hold other small makeup items such as lip balms or lip glosses.

Is the storage box easy to clean?
Yes, the storage box is easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or residue.

Does the storage box come in different sizes?
Yes, the storage box comes in two sizes: small with 8 lipstick slots and large with 12 lipstick slots, allowing you to choose the size that best suits your needs.

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