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Clip in Fringe Human Hair Bangs

Clip in Fringe Human Hair Bangs

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Do you want to try wearing hair fringe but are concerned that it won't look good on you? Are you the type of person who enjoys varying their looks from time to time?

We have what you need!

Natural-looking finish

Made from high-quality synthetic hair, our hair bangs blend seamlessly with your own hair for a natural look.

They are natural and hold well on your hair

People can't tell that you have a bang on top of your own hair because of the robust strip and scarcely perceptible seam on the clips. Additionally, there is sufficient thickness to cover the forehead without fear of wisps.

Perfect for big and long faces

These Clip in Fringe Human Hair Bangs make the whole face look smaller. They are suitable for long faces or a wide forehead to visually shorten the length of the face.

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