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Blackout Contoured Cup 3D Sleep eye mask

Blackout Contoured Cup 3D Sleep eye mask

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A good sleep at night means high performance and productivity during the day. 

This Blackout Contoured Cup 3D Sleep eye mask will help you get that. It can block up to 99% of light.


Blocks 99% of light

The special shape of our Blackout Contoured Cup 3D Sleep eye mask provides you with a fully black sleeping environment. You will see no light even in bright places.

No Eye Pressure

Because of the deeper space and 3D moulded cup eye sockets, our sleep mask won't press against your eyelashes or eyes.

Perfect fit for everyone

Our sleep mask is adjustable, making it one size fits all. It won't catch or break the hair, harm your ears, or catch on anything.

Super comfy and breathable

Low resilience memory foam is comfortable and relieves eye strain. Its padded 3D shape, which is soft and comfy, provides a broader and deeper area around the eyes.

Cleaning method:

Low-temperature hand wash 
Avoid rubbing violence. 
Flatlay to dry. 
Do not wash by machine. 

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