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Electric Blackhead Remover - Face Sprayer Cleansing Kit

Electric Blackhead Remover - Face Sprayer Cleansing Kit

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To get the ideal skin tone and keep a healthy, plump texture, all you need is this complete kit with a vacuum blackhead remover, skin scrubber and a Nano Facial Sprayer.

The set of vacuum pore cleaners will enable you to receive expert assistance at home because they are simple to use and incredibly effective in solving a variety of skin issues brought on by age and pollution.

A cosmetic instrument with multiple uses that combines pore cleansing, exfoliating, firming, and acne and blackhead removal in one. furthermore, a hot compress function.

Using a vacuum suction system, you can gently lift and massage your skin while also promoting metabolism, blood and lymphatic circulation, and ample nutrients for your dermal tissue, which will tighten and brighten your skin.

These blackhead vacuum tools, which are used for ultrasonic cleaning and pore cleansing, are gentle on the skin and yield the quickest results.

The scrubber uses ultrasonic ion vibration to remove whiteheads and blackheads in addition to other things. locks in the skin's suppleness and gives off a youthful appearance.


  • The Blackhead Remover includes vacuum technology that helps to quickly remove the filth.
  • The ABS body makes sure the products are slimmer and lighter. As a result, you can transport items effortlessly when travelling.
  • These instruments may be used easily and conveniently thanks to USB charging.

Package includes :

1 x device body
6 x beauty probes

1 x Nano Facial Steamer 
1 x Ultrasonic skin scrubber machine
 USB cable

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