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Air Leg Compression Boots Massager System

Air Leg Compression Boots Massager System

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As we age, many leg problems start to appear, such as heavy and tired legs, feelings of heat, water retention, poor blood circulation, restlessness, muscle pain... Some of them can be easy to cure, but others are harder.

This amazing tool not only solves all these problems but is also important for any sports lover after any exercise because it will help your muscles recover quickly and safely.

How does it work?

Based on Pressotherapy therapy, this device has 6 air-compressed chambers that snugly fit around the leg and foot, it produces compressed air that has the appearance of a professional sports massage.

The sensation of the Air Leg Compression Boots Massager System helps your body into a state of relaxation and reduces muscle discomfort after an exercise programme. The air moves into the compartments and exerts pressure depending on the setting you desire.

Improves Blood Circulation and Promotes Proper Function of the Lymphatic System

Our Air Leg Compression Boots Massager System helps treat blood circulation issues such as varicose veins, the feeling of heavy legs, and oedema and lymphedema by enhancing blood and lymphatic circulation.

Also, Thanks to better circulation of fluids, our device helps to promote the elimination of toxins and to detoxify the body as a whole.


It helps Relieve Knee Problems, Legs and Feet Swelling, Water Retention, Cramps and Soreness

One of the main advantages of this compression massager is its capacity to lessen potential swelling in the legs or feet following strenuous exercise. Exercise-related injuries are more likely to occur when there is a build-up of fluids and when there is inadequate circulation. Using the product, water buildup during these activities can be reduced.


Releases Nerve Compression and Tension

The device's massaging technique expands on an established way of relaxation. Your body can manage pain, discomfort, and restricted flexibility.


Perfect After a Workout or Training for Fast Athletes Sports Recovery

Our legs compression device ensures to deliver enough quantity of blood and oxygen to your limbs so that your body can produce more new cells for a fast recovery after a workout.

Regular users of our Air Leg Compression Boots Massager System enable their bodies to recuperate fast and reduce unneeded injuries while engaging in physical activities. The product aims to keep the body healthy for a longer period of time because injuries are one of the major problems when training for high-performance sports.

Reduces aqueous cellulite

Pressotherapy is particularly effective in combating cellulite when it is linked to a problem of water retention or poor blood circulation. It is the ideal ally to overcome cellulite naturally.


  • leg pain and heaviness relief
  • Improved lymphatic drainage and blood flow
  • Water retention and cellulite reduction
  • Improved healing of the muscles


1) Pressure range: The range of pressure is 30 mmHg (3.99 kPa) - 260 mmHg (34.66 kPa) adjustable. Step 5 mmHg (0.666 kPa)
2) Overvoltage protection: The maximum working pressure should not exceed 10% of the maximum pressure in 20S.
3) Time: Timing adjustment in 10 to 90 minutes. Step for 1 minute
4) Working noise: Normal working noise≤60dB(A)
5) Product input power: 29.7W
6) Power supply conditions: a.c.100-240V,50-60Hz output d.c.12.6V/4A
7) Functional switch: The device has a stop function switch, which can stop the treatment procedure at any time.
8) Product Output Channel Mode: Six Output Channels and Four Pressure Modes, See this manual for details.
9) The function of cavity closure: Any cavity can be set to open or close.
10) Normal working conditions: Ambient temperature: 5℃~40℃; relative humidity: ≤85%; atmospheric pressure: 80kPa~106kPa.
11) Net weight of product mainframe:1.35kg
12) Instrument size (length * width * height): 210mm*130mm*86mm
13) Product packaging size (length * width * height):37.5cm*31.5cm*22cm

Installation and usage instructions:

This equipment should be instructed by a professional. The operating procedures of the strict installation instructions are carried out.
1. Before installing or debugging the product, the user must check whether the appearance of the product is intact. The accessories are complete. If the accessories are missing, please contact us in time.
2. Take the compressor out of the box. It can be placed on the table or on the ground according to the situation. Keep it dry and clean. Put the airbag on the corresponding limb. Tighten the zipper. Then connect with the compressor. Turn on the power to use.
3. Output switch: used to open or close the air pressure output.
4. Time setting button: rotary button, used to set the output working time. The setting range is 0-30 minutes.
5. Air pressure the adjustment button: rotary button. Used to adjust the output pressure. The pressure range is 20-250mmhg

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