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900000 Flash Laser Epilator - IPL Professional Hair Removal at Home

900000 Flash Laser Epilator - IPL Professional Hair Removal at Home

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Get Silky Smooth Skin with the New 900000 Flash Laser Epilator - IPL Professional Hair Removal at Home

Are you tired of constant shaving and painful waxing?

The 900000 Flash Laser Epilator offers a painless and permanent hair removal solution with its IPL technology and LCD display.

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Feel safe and comfortable with the built-in safety sensor and 8 energy levels!

The 900000 Flash Laser Epilator uses IPL pulse light technology to emit intense pulses of light that are absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, heating it and disrupting the hair growth cycle. This process eventually leads to permanent hair removal and smooth skin.

Get versatile and effective hair removal with two flash modes!

Permanent Hair Removal

With IPL pulse light hair removal technology, this device offers a permanent hair removal solution that inhibits hair regeneration and helps break the cycle of hair regrowth.

Material Saving

With 900,000 flashes, this device offers the highest ever number of flashes, eliminating the need to buy other hair removal products and providing a cost-effective solution for life.

Two Flash Modes

The device comes with two flash modes - auto mode for large area hair removal and manual mode for small area hair removal, making it versatile and suitable for different hair removal sites.

Safe and Comfortable

The built-in safety sensor chip ensures that the device only flashes when the laser head is attached to the skin, while the 8 different energy levels provide safe and comfortable hair removal for different skin sensitivities. Additionally, multiple motherboard protection ensures stable operation and anti-side light prevents any damage during insertion and removal.

Main Features

  • IPL Technology
  • 900,000 Flashes
  • Safe & Comfortable
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Save money and time with the highest ever number of flashes - 900,000!

  • Shave the surface hair off

  • Connect the cable and power piug

  • Wear goggles to protect your eyes

  • Turn on the device and adjust suitable energy level

  • Place the device on the treatment area at 90° and press the Flash button

  • Use moisturizing skin care product after finished hair removal

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Say goodbye to painful hair removal with this IPL technology device!

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  • Size: 900000 flashes
  • Material: Quartz tube
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Item Type: Epilator
  • Levels of power: 1–8 levels
  • Main function: Hair removal
  • Wavelength: 470-1200 mn

What's in the box

Adapter + host + English manual


Is the 900000 Flash Laser Epilator safe to use at home?
Yes, this device is safe for home use. It comes with built-in safety features and has been designed to ensure comfortable and effective hair removal.

How many flashes does the device have?
The device has 999,999 flashes, which is the highest number of flashes ever offered in a hair removal device.

Can this device be used on all skin types?
This device is suitable for most skin types, although it may not be as effective on very light or very dark skin tones.

How often should I use the device?
For best results, it is recommended to use the device once a week for 8 weeks, and then as needed for touch-ups.

Is the hair removal process painful?
The hair removal process with this device is painless, although some users may experience mild discomfort or a slight sensation of warmth during use.

Can this device be used on the face?
Yes, the device can be used on the face, although it is recommended to use the manual mode for smaller areas such as the upper lip or chin.

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