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7 PCS Makeup Sponge Puff

7 PCS Makeup Sponge Puff

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Strawberry Beauty: Double-Sided Makeup Puff Set for Flawless Skin

This Strawberry Makeup Puff Set includes double-sided, soft foundation isolation air cushion sponges, perfect for achieving a flawless makeup look. A versatile beauty tool for ladies seeking impeccable makeup application.

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Experience flawless, airbrushed perfection with our Makeup Puff Set!

This makeup puff set works by providing a versatile tool for applying foundation, concealer, and other makeup products. The double-sided sponge design allows for seamless blending and a flawless finish, while the soft texture ensures comfortable and even application, making it a makeup enthusiast's go-to choice.

Elevate your beauty routine with these must-have double-sided sponges!

Flawless Coverage

This makeup puff set offers impeccable coverage, helping you achieve a smooth and even complexion effortlessly.


Its double-sided design allows for precise application of various makeup products, including foundation, concealer, and even blush, making it a versatile addition to your beauty routine.

Comfortable Application

The soft, cushiony texture of the sponge puffs ensures a gentle and comfortable makeup application experience, reducing the risk of skin irritation.

Professional Results

With these sponges, you can achieve professional-level makeup results, whether you're a makeup artist or simply seeking a polished look for any occasion.

Main Features

● Double-Sided Design
● Soft Sponge Material
● Flawless Finish

Achieve a radiant complexion effortlessly with this makeup tool

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  • Item: Cosmetic puff set
  • Material: Cloth, sponge (Non-toxic)
  • Size: 55x7 mm per puff

What's in the box

  • 3 pcs InBag
  • 7 pcs InBox


What is included in the Makeup Puff Set ?

The set typiquement includes multiple double-sided sponge puffs, each designed for different makeup applications.

How do I clean the sponge puffs ?

Rinse avec mild soap and warm water, gently squeeze out excess water, et laissez air dry pour maintenir leur qualité.

Can I use these sponges avec liquid or powder makeup products ?

Yes, these sponges are versatile and suitable for use avec tout type de makeup, ensuring a seamless finish.

Are these sponge puffs suitable for sensible skin ?

Yes, the soft and gentle texture of the sponges makes them suitable for sensitive skin, minimizing the risk of irritation.

How often should I replace the sponge puffs ?

Il est recommandé de les remplacer tous les 2-3 mois, depending on usage, pour maintenance et efficacité.

Can beginners use these makeup puffs effectivement ?

Absolutely ! These puffs are user-friendly and great for makeup enthusiasts of all skill levels, aidant beginners à obtenir de professionnel-looking résultats.

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