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6-Zone Smart Neck Massager

6-Zone Smart Neck Massager

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Do you suffer from neck or upper back pain? Do you often feel the need for a massage to relax and relieve that area? Do you have trouble finding the time and resources to visit a massage therapist?
Our 6-Zone Smart Neck Massage uses low-frequency TENS pulse technology to replicate a real neck massage. It effectively eases tightness and tension in the muscles.

How it works?

The 6-Zone Smart Neck Massage combines EMS/TENS therapy and heating:

EMS/TENS Therapy: offers micro-current pulse massage to promote blood circulation and enhance muscular function, effectively assisting in the relief of pain and exhaustion on your various body parts while you enjoy the neck massage concurrently.

Heating: Warm treatments between 18 and 42 degrees Celsius can improve blood flow, ease sore muscles, and provide complete pain relief.

Upgraded ultra-comfortable design that includes 6 pieces of 4D floating electrode pads that will perfectly fit your neck curve, practical to provide instant gentle care with wider coverage.

Neck and upper back tension can be far dangerous and cause a variety of symptoms, including exhaustion, headaches, body aches, a bad attitude, and subpar performance.
Our 6-Zone Smart Neck Massager is here to prevent that.

It's like you are having a massage from an expert massage therapist because our 6-Zone Smart Neck Massage imitates a real human massage to help with neck pain.

4 adjustable modes: Acupuncture mode, kneading mode, beating mode, and combination mode)
Smart shut-off setting after 15 minutes of functioning, constant temperature, light and portable thanks to its built-in USB rechargeable 500mAh battery.


  • It imitates a real human massage to ease body stress, neck pain, and shoulder fatigue as well as to enhance sleep quality and encourage blood circulation.
  • It relieves persistent neck and shoulder pain.
  • It Improves muscle pain and stimulates cell activity.
  • The magnetic impact it creates encourages blood flow to the neck and shoulders.
  • It has been demonstrated through science that this mixture stimulates "life-like" human massage.
  • You'll feel a larger range of motion, increased blood flow, and endorphin releases in just fifteen minutes.


Material: ABS
Colour: White(As Picture Shown)
Charger: 5V 1A
Rated Power: 6W
Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Power Supply: USB Charging(Built-in Rechargeable Battery)
Massage Mode: 4 Adjustable Modes
(Acupuncture Mode/Kneading Mode/Beating Mode/Combination Mode)
Massage Intensity: 15 Gears
Heating Function: Yes, 18℃-42℃ Constant Heating
Timing: 15MIN
Main Unit Size: Approx. 14.2*13.8cm/5.59x5.43inch(As Picture Shown)

Package Included:
1* Neck Massager(Main Unit)
1* USB Cable
2* Electrode Patches
1* Electrode Wire
1* User Manual


It is forbidden to be used in the following situations:
1)Patients with malignant tumours;
2)Patients with bleeding tendency;
3)Pregnant woman;
4)Patients with acute purulent inflammation;
5)Pacemaker users;
6)Patients with metal implants;
7)Near the human heart.

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