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5ml Perfume Atomiser Refillable Bottle

5ml Perfume Atomiser Refillable Bottle

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Travel- and outgoing-friendly, simple to refill, and portable. With 6 different colours, you can give each of your perfumes a different colour. 


Solid, contains no toxic substances, safe and durable

The perfume bottle is composed of an aluminium outer shell and an ABS inner bottle, making it solid and long-lasting.

It has a high-quality spray nozzle that is simple to squeeze to create a fine mist, and it has a glass window so you can see how much liquid is left inside and refill it as needed.

Easy to refill and conveniently fits in your purse

Our travel perfume bottle has an under-bottom valve that makes it simple to refill; all you have to do is place the perfume nozzle into the bottom valve and continually press the little spray bottle up and down to release the perfume.


Just avoid filling the bottle to the brim, so you can effectively prevent perfume from leaking from the bottle's bottom, and you won't have to worry about your handbag or luggage being dirty again.



Capacity: 5 ml

Size:1.6 x 8.0cm

Net weight:15g

How to use:

  • Remove the cap of the atomizer spray bottle, and press the nozzle a few times to exhaust the air inside.
  • Take off the cap of the perfume bottle, then let the bottom of the mini spray bottle aim at the straw.
  • Press the mini spray bottle up and down repeatedly to fill in the perfume.


Before filling the liquid bottle, please open the lid, spray a few times according to the nozzle, discharge the gas inside the bottle, and then fill it! If you do not discharge the gas inside, the liquid will be forced into the liquid, which will cause the bottom of the bottle to leak.

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