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40Pcs/Set Invisible Thin Face Lift Stickers V-Shape Face

40Pcs/Set Invisible Thin Face Lift Stickers V-Shape Face

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Get rid of face wrinkles without any pain or expense.

Our Invisible Thin Face Stickers V-Shape Face is the only alternative to plastic surgeries, the answer to appearing years younger and feeling fantastic.

Not only used to dispose of wrinkles but also to get a V-shaped face.

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How it Works?

Just like what a cosmetics surgery does, our Invisible Thin Face Stickers V-Shape Face raises sagging skin around the chin and on the cheeks by pulling the skin tight, but this time without causing any dangerous side effects like the risk of facial nerve damage.

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It's time for you to get years back, just in a few minutes!

By using our Invisible Thin Face Stickers V-Shape Face you will travel by time, you will see the huge difference in a matter of minutes, and it's all safe and non expensive.

Instant results and long-term usage results.

Our Invisible Thin Face Stickers V-Shape Face has outstanding stretching and guiding capabilities, In order to rapidly lift sagging skin around the face and make it seem firm and young.
It efficiently firms the face, conceals the double chin, and creates a V-shaped face.

Recent research has shown that it can even help with the modification of facial characteristics and the contraction of weak facial muscles over time.

Completely invisible

Easy to use and no one will notice their presence. It is ideal for use for special occasions, weddings, reunions, travel, etc.

It is undetectable, natural, and flexible, and can be customized to meet your specific demands. Long-lasting and comfortable.

Durable and Waterproof

You don't have to worry about the Invisible Thin Face Sticker losing adhesion due to perspiration or contact with water since it is constructed of professional waterproof material and adhesive technology. Even if you wear it for the whole day, it won't come off.

It's time to have the best looking appearance!

  • STEP 1

    Pull the top of your front hair up and away from your ears. Take two lifting adhesive tapes for a facelift. Do not yet remove the tape's backing from the sticky side.

  • STEP 2

    From the tape's adhesive side, tuck the metal barb from the adjustable elastic band A (with knots) into the top hole. Repeat the process with the second piece of tape and elastic band B (with the hook).

  • STEP 3

    Determine where the tapes should be placed in front of your ears before removing the whole backing. The tape's adhesive side should stick to your skin, not your hair. once you are at ease in your position. Apply the tapes to the front of the left and right ear, removing the whole backing (one at a time) without contacting the adhesive. To ensure adequate adhesion, press firmly and massage with a finger for 30 seconds.

  • STEP 4

    Place hook over one of the knots after gathering elastic bands from both sides. based on the face Eft that you want to attain. You may adjust the elastic band's height as necessary.

Your face is the most important part of your body

Give it the care it needs and the look it deserves.

As did Nancy, Clara, Anna, and many more.

  • - Clara, 30

  • - Anna, 65

  • - Nancy, 28

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Didn’t see the results you expected from The Invisible Thin Face Stickers V-Shape Face?

You’re covered by our 30 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please return merchandise and receive a full product refund for your order less any shipping and processing.

Common Questions

How often can I use it?

Most of our customers use it every day, some use it just on special occasions.

How long can I wear it?

Depending on your skin type, level of exercise, weather, and body heat, you may wear up to 9 hours as long as you prepare your skin and follow the instructions. If irritation does sometimes occur and you have sensitive skin, stop using the product for a while.

Is the Invisible Thin Face Stickers V-Shape Face comfortable for use?

During use, the skin will not feel tight, and it is natural and comfortable to use. Because it is made of high-quality materials, which are soft, breathable, waterproof, and soft to the touch.

Does the Invisible Thin Face Stickers V-Shape Face have side effects?

No, there is no harm in using Invisible Thin Face Stickers V-Shape Face.

What are the ingredients of the Invisible Thin Face Stickers V-Shape Face?

It is made of high-quality materials, which are soft, breathable, waterproof, and soft to the touch.

What material has been used to make the Face Stickers?

The Face Stickers are made of safe medical-grade silicone, which will not cause allergies to your skin and can be used for a long time.