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3D Roller Facial Massager Face Sculptor

3D Roller Facial Massager Face Sculptor

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The facial muscles cannot be fully trained by simply laughing every day. But our 3D Roller Facial Massager Face Sculptor can do it for you.

In less than 5 minutes a day, this face massager will lift your face, reduce your double chin, improve your skin elasticity relax and improve your blood circulation...

How it works?

Once you move the massager forward or backwards, the two balls on it might roll. The massage takes place in complete silence and conformity. There won't be any pain at all. The two balls efficiently ease muscle and skin without hurting you.

Get a younger, fresher, smoother and firmer skin

This anti-aging face roller effectively enhances facial tone, contour, and wrinkle reduction. The massaging of the chin, cheeks, forehead, and lips, among other areas, significantly eliminates dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. It works also as an Anti-aging and a non-invasive facelift tool.

Improves skin elasticity

The face and body massager clearly tones and firms the skin on the body. It strengthens and tones sagging skin all over the body, including the neck, arms, abs, thighs, and buttocks, among other areas.


Ergonomically designed at the SPA level

A 3D ball roller massager with an impact structure lifts skin more efficiently and continuously pinches it by accurately adjusting the angle of incidence of each roller.

Increases lotions absorbtion

When applying a mask or lotion, it increases its absorption. Your skin becomes considerably firmer, smoother, and healthier as a result. Additionally, this face roller massager aids lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

Cautions before usage:

1. Take off the accessories such as necklaces, and earrings.
2. Piled up hair or firm them with a hair band, to avoid hair entanglement, and the rolling will be more smooth. Use the hairpin for short hair.
3. Pay attention to the hair around the ears to avoid entanglement.
4. For dry or sensitive skin, please paint some lotion before usage.

Steps for usage

1, Please gently roll and massage the skin.
2, Please do not force the rolling massage or repeatedly roll massage in the same place if doing so will make your skin feel pain.
3, When you begin to use it, please follow three minutes each time, three times a day as the frequency of use, and then adjust (increase or decrease) according to the state of the skin massage time.
4, evenly massaged parts, can also be used directly after makeup, but with clear water or warm water after use, carefully cleaned and properly stored.

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