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3 in 1 Cavitation Cellulite Massager Machine

3 in 1 Cavitation Cellulite Massager Machine

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Want a firm and tight body free of cellulite and sagging skin? Want to permanently get rid of your double chin?

This 3-in-1 machine is your solution. Using Ultrasonic therapy this Cellulite Massager Machine will clear, lighten, and smooth the look of your skin.

How it works?

It generates infrared heat and ultrasonic vibrations to promote blood flow beneath the epidermis. The body breaks down and gets rid of fat deposits. The increased blood circulation also lessens aches and pains.

Burns fat painlessly and easily

The body's lymphatic system will naturally dispose of the free fatty acids that are produced when fat cells are broken down by ultrasonic waves. Essentially causing your body to burn fat.

Removes cellulite and sagging skin

The far infrared function will enter your skin's deepest layers, promoting collagen synthesis, enhancing blood circulation, and regenerating aged skin cells, causing your skin to strengthen and firm up.

Relieves your muscles' pain and improves blood circulation

The EMS function will engage every muscle fibre in your body, preventing muscular atrophy from lack of use and boosting blood flow. Your muscles will unwind as a result of this stimulation and start to burn fat for energy.


Can be used in any part of your body

It can be used on any cellulite-prone area, including the tummy, hips, bottom, thighs, and legs. To achieve the best long-term results, use 2–3 times per week along with consistent exercise and a nutritious diet.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation functions

With the use of an electrode and a single handle, you may simultaneously tap, massage, knead, scrape, and slim (adjust the intensity from lower to high).


Note: A water-based gel or slimming cream should be used with this device to prevent it from being air-dried and resulting in an impaired absorbing effect

We recommend using our Hot Burn Fat Anti-cellulite Slimming Cream with this cellulite machine for better and faster effects.

How to use:

  1. Cleanse your skin before application.
  2. Spread body shaping product on your skin evenly ( apply the product separately in each section to prevent it from being air-dried and resulting in an impaired absorbing effect ).
  3. Plug in the slimming device.
  4. Turn on the POWER and the red light will blink.
  5. Press the SONIC button once for the low intensity ( LOW ), and twice for the high intensity ( HIGH ).
  6. Use the low intensity on your face, high intensity can be used in other parts of the body such as arms, and legs.
  7. Spread the skin care product ( body shape product ) on areas where you wish to apply massage.

Remember to keep your skin moisturized


  1. After the ultrasonic function is turned on for a few minutes, touch the surface of the massage head without obvious heat. This is proof that the instrument has good performance and the heat loss of the part is low.
  2. It uses 10 carbon fibres as a heat source for generating natural infrared rays. The infrared irradiated cells resonate and rub, causing a thermal reaction and accelerating fat decomposition.
  3. EMS mode light is not on if press sonic mode.EMS treat with the sticky electrode pads. and no mode if adjusting the mode selection key to the bottom, no intensity if adjusting the intensity selection key to the bottom. please note this.
  4. Sonic mode(no Ems mode this time) does not need the pads.
  5. If you want to regulate secretion and promote fat consumption, you need EMS.
  6. If you want to massage your body to lose weight and skin care, you need Sonic.
  7. It is important for EMS Mode, it will stop working automatically after 10 mins, if you want to repeat need turn it on again.

Package Included:

1 x slimming Machine

1 x Electrode

1 x Power Cable

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