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2 PCS Hip Enhancer Buttocks Pads Lifter

2 PCS Hip Enhancer Buttocks Pads Lifter

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With these Hip Enhancer pads, Enjoy an instant hourglass figure

Comfy to wear all-day

They are built with supple silicone cushioning intended to give your hips and legs a smooth, natural curve. 

They match your body temperature to accurately look, feel and move like you.


Sticky and stay in place for a long time

They stick very strongly to your hips for the whole day. These fake butt pads not only aid in belly fat loss but also serve as a booty lifter, giving your derriere an appearance of firmness, smoothness, and control.

Seamless and fit all types of clothes

The two pieces of cross-dressing hip pads were specifically created to resemble actual buttocks in terms of their smoothness and natural appearance. Lift your buttocks, tighten your bottom, and cover up your dipped hips. It increases your allure and seductiveness. Our enhancer contours your hips where nature left off. has an oval form that is naturally curvier and looks wonderful in jeans, lingerie, or a seductive little dress.


You can wear them everywhere and every time

You can use these 2 Pcs crossdressing hip pads as a butt pad while dating, hanging out, going out, going to parties, going to clubs, going to work, wearing daily, going to holidays, going to cocktail parties, going to weddings, and anywhere else you want to show off your figure.

Only wash your hands in warm, soapy water. Avoid extreme temperatures.


To avoid airtightness or slipping down, we have used a PET clear medical double-sided glue of the greatest quality. Due to the fact that 2 Pcs cross-dressing hip pads leave no trace hems on your hip, you no longer need to be concerned about this.

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