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12 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

12 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

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This New Eyeshadow palette will take you through every season, providing you with every colour of eyeshadow you need.


HIGHLY PIGMENTED EYESHADOW: An eyeshadow palette with a high pigment content that comes in a variety of finishes, including shimmer, matte, satin, and metallic.

SMOOTH, SILKY TEXTURE: Smooth-applying eyeshadow that is soft and colourful.

ALL DAY, LONG LASTING: Your eye makeup remains vivid all day.

A tray of various textures to produce a multi-layered, eye-catching, three-dimensional makeup.


Delicate skin patch - It will not only highlight your eyes but also your strong and unique personality because it is full of vitality and a warm tone. 

  • Taro purple palette:

  • Honey orange palette

How to use this eyeshadow palette:

  1. Use a light eyeshadow to cover the entire base of your eyelids. 
  2. Use darker eyeshadow on both of your eyelids. 
  3. To create a gradient effect, darken the colour near the tail of the eye. 
  4. Select pearls with bright eyes and silkworms that are lying.


Use a primer before applying the eyeshadow.

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